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Who is Viking Youth?

The Viking Youth Power Hour is an experiment in over-complicating sloth, much like a dog chasing its tail to impress its nose.

Developed during a late-night spitballing session over cheap cigarettes and expensive speed, the idea was to capture the pure tongue of those early morning moments of genius whispered while the rest of the world sleeps. By capturing these elusive collections of insights and outrages our crack team of social engingeers would then brand, package, and re-distribute these cross-sections of true grit as a battle cry to awaken the world from its balmy malaise.

To fully realize this experiment we needed four upstanding citizens, four patriots worthy of this great American excersise. Running an ad in the free section of the weekly entertainment rag next to the house-call-massage-girls and blood bank coupons we found these four lads: Viking Alex, Viking Mat, Viking Brian, and Viking Jason. These four proud dilletantes of the New American Millenium were the perfect candidates, all as much family as friends, and all schooled in the hard luck university of bombastic mistakes. Marrying their many diverging interests—the occult, politics, drugs and altered states, aquaman, and food to name just a few—we found the Viking Youth Power Hour becoming some hybrid of talk radio and drunken pep-rally, falling somewhere between Howard Stern and Art Bell, but unrestricted by the FCC and unhampered by the need to please the big advertising buck.

Each week over 20,000 subscribed listeners receive the hour-long podcast from the Viking website, vikingyouth.com, indulging themselves in the effluvia of this strange experiment. Whether it be the smash and grab job in Iraq, the shamanic heritage of the Amazon, the search for spirit tradition in America, a surveying of the eschatological myths of the world or dissecting the virtues of delicious whiskey and meat, the Vikings tread heavy and arrive numb, but, typically, they arrive closer to a fair landscape of the prescribed situation.

The boat is off from shore, and the horned machine-beast has been pulled from the stables for one last test run to the sun and back. The Battle of the Ages is upon us and it’s probably best not to be left behind during dress rehearsal. And to that end, dear friend, the Vikings are here for you. “Quit Dreaming Like a Pussy!”

Biography courtesy of Viking Youth

Viking has appeared on Integral Naked:

Authentic Irreverence: Trolling for Spirit in America3/6/2006

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