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Who is Jason Harler?

Jason Harler is the General Manager and part of the original visionary force behind The Standard Spa Hotel located in Miami Beach, Florida, home of The Standard Center for Integral Living.  The Standard is a holistic hideaway designed for teachers and students alike as an integrally inspired oasis, a great place to explore all your contours through our various types of programming or simply a respite from busy lives.

Inspired by the work of Ken Wilber, Sri Aurobindo, Kishnamurti among others, Jason has been consciously exploring the intersections between spirituality, business, design, holism and contemporary culture since the inception of Fast Forward and Garuda, his own clothing line, 2 boutiques, art gallery and factory based in Seattle, which he opened when he was 19 and successfully ran until he was 25.  By 1994, Harler’s D.I.Y. reputation as a young designer had him sought after for everything from events and large-scale party design to stage sets, interiors and music video production design.  After spending several years in fashion and part time production design he sold his fashion house and opened Evolution Engine Films.  Ever evolving, Jason, sensed there was a limit for him in the film world and sought a more immediate and fulfilling way to integrate business, culture, spirit and design. In 1998, after several years of research, travel and seeking, Harler left film for good and founded his next project, a spa development company called NestSpa.  A name inspired by Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory that speaks of greater and greater levels of consciousness, each nested within the other. 

Jason began developing plans to create playful and contemporary large-scale urban centers dedicated to self-knowledge and holistic health where you could take the waters, do spiritual practice, work out, attend lectures, eat great food, chill, dance and meet others.  The Standard, Miami Beach is the first of a series of spa hotels from visionary hotelier Andre Balazs, that answer the growing needs of modern seekers, creators, designers, nomads, and lovers of life. 

Jason has appeared on Integral Naked:

Getting WET in Miami with the Center for Integral Living10/2/2006

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