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Who is Rory Stitt?


Rory Stitt was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska where the mountains meet the sea. His formative years were spent studying classical piano repertoire, accompanying opera and musicals and singing along with Janis Joplin. After one term at a California conservatory, he took a sharp turn and began writing and performing his own songs at the piano, developing a hypnotic and transformational performance style that has won him acclaim as a live performer. When not on tour performing his own music, Rory has had the opportunity to work extensively with nationally recognized Perseverance Theatre as composer, music director and actor—with roles ranging from Puck in “Midsummer Night‘s Dream”, Prior Walter in “Angels in America”, to Hedwig in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.”

Rory‘s songs reveal the thoughts beneath the talk, the unspoken dialogues between loved ones, strangers and self. From Broadway to Rachmaninoff, saloon piano to Victorian salons—his music sets inner life on a stage. He draws on his interdisciplinary background to create this aptly named “theatre-pop for the soulful and starry-eyed.”

Taurero, Rory‘s third release, is an exposed exploration of the relationship between a songwriter and his instrument. Direct and confrontational, supple and sensitive, Rory rides a bull through the inner life of dreams, identity, sex, love and death. Poignant, personal and pure, if you listen, you can hear a reflection of your own midnight thoughts coming through Rory and the piano animal.

Rory has appeared on Integral Naked:

Love Sonata. Part 2.2/13/2006
Love Sonata. Part 1.1/30/2006
Left & Right1/16/2006
Midnight Eye12/19/2005
Battle to Battle10/31/2005
The Midnight Eye9/12/2005
Cry Child8/22/2005
Not Nobody8/1/2005
Left and Right7/11/2005

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