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Stone Gossard & Ken Wilber

Pearl Jam: Restoring Idealism in Rock and Roll
Parts 1 & 2

niggytardustFew bands in recent history have done more to express idealism and authenticity in music than Pearl Jam. In this fascinating interview with guitarist Stone Gossard, we are offered an insider's view of the gritty origins of grunge music, the iconic rise of the "most popular band of the 90's," and the struggles of maintaining one's artistic ideals in the vertigo of sudden fame.

"We felt liberated by the idea of punk rock, by the idea of social movements that gave what you were doing a little bit more significance.... We had a general belief that art was important... and that there was a whole world to be discovered as you filter art through your unique perspective."

Stone's story is one that is truly aligned with the essence of Integral art, which attempts to restore Beauty to its rightful place within the human condition—emphasizing creativity instead of deconstruction, idealism instead of apathy, depth instead of sensationalism, authenticity instead of irony—and always reflecting the fullest expressions of both artist and audience alike. We hope you can join us in this fascinating exploration of artistic idealism and creative reverie.

And be sure to check out Part 2 of the discussion, in which we are offered a tour through Pearl Jam's last five albums, a discussion about the music industry and bootleg culture, and a heart-wrenching reflection on one of the most painful experiences in the band's long history....



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