Warren Farrell
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Warren Farrell & Ken Wilber

Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men?

Part 1. Redefining the Relationships Between Men and Women.

Dr. Warren Farrell and Ken Wilber discuss some of the ingredients of an Integral account of human sexuality, while exploring the nuances of relationships between men and women, the many attempts of feminism to redefine sex and gender, and the historic causes behind the division of labor and the rigid patriarchies that followed….

"It's definitely true that men, as a rule today in industrialized societies, are basically where women were in the 1950's, psychologically and socially. Part of what is keeping men there is being blamed for having power that is really a camouflage for the powerlessness. Real power is control over my own life."

Part 2. Beyond Feminism and Masculism

In the second installation of Warren and Ken’s dialogue we explore the stages of psychological and sexual development in both men and women, the difficulties both genders typically encounter while developing through these stages, and the almost complete lack of genuine "masculist" schools of thought to match the extraordinary accomplishments feminism has brought women in recent decades....

"So frequently today I see our daughters, who are interested in these sort of humanistic issues, go off to school and take Women's Studies courses, and then they come out angry at men—and these are oftentimes the brightest, the most intelligent, and the most potentially loving women, coming out of their university classes with an extension of Marxist feminism that says that the males are oppressing women. And that's just a misunderstanding of the gender development over the millennia."

In order to come to any coherent definition of ourselves as sexual beings, we must take as comprehensive a view of sexuality as possible, which is exactly what these two extraordinary minds explore in this dialogue. We hope you enjoy!


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