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Now you can experience Integral Naked on your home TV or stereo with a monthly 2-CD/1-DVD subscription. Integral Naked PREMIER features the same leading-edge audio and video that you'll find on IntegralNaked.org, but delivered straight to your home—no download necessary, no need to sit in front of your computer.

Your $25/month subscription features the newest Integral Naked content on 2 CDs and 1 DVD in a red-hot collector's edition package. Membership in IntegralNaked.org is also included (a $10 monthly value). PLUS, each Integral Naked PREMIER edition includes bonus material. And you'll experience Integral Naked in full CD/DVD quality.

If you've ever wanted to share IN with your family, friends, or co-workers, here's a simple way to do it. Integral Naked PREMIER is also perfect for discussion groups and classrooms. Do you like to listen to IN in your car? Integral Naked PREMIER will make it easy as pie!

If you're already a member of IN, all you have to do is upgrade your membership by logging into the Integral Multiplex here. Your credit card will be charged a total of $25/month until you downgrade or cancel. Each month you'll receive the previous month's content delivered to your specified address, in a handsome collector's edition package. Your $25 includes access to IntegralNaked.org, for previews, discussions, and special online features. If you're not already a member, all the same applies—you'll just have to sign up for the first time, which is easy.

1. Get Away From Your Computer! Enjoy Integral Naked on your car stereo or TV. No waiting for downloads or streaming.

2. Pass It On! Share Integral Naked with family, friends or coworkers—just lend them a CD or DVD, or give it as a gift.

3. Feed Your Discussion Group or Class! No more wrestling with computer hook-ups and complicated A/V systems. Just show up with IN Premier, pop it in, and let the sparks fly.

4. Hi-Fidelity! While IN content is famously raw and off-the-cuff (many dialogues are recorded from cell phone conversations!), these recordings are the best we've got. Listen to the highest-quality audio available; watch video on a full-screen TV.

5. It Just Looks So Damn Cool! Line up your IN Premier "collector's edition" cases wherever you keep media in your home. Grow your collection month by month. IN Premier will add a nice aesthetic touch to any room.

Need we say more? Try it! If you don't like it, you can cancel anytime. But we think you'll love it....

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